Baphoboo Hanging Ornament

Take a look at this adorable mini hanging Baphomet.
Sitting cross-legged, this baby Baphomet symbolises the total sum o fthe universe.
Legs ending in cloven hooves, the staff of Asclepius rises from it’s crotch.
It’s right arm is raised with the word SOLVE ( seperate ) on the forearm, whilst the left arm is stretched downwards and outwards invitingly, with the forearm bearing the word COACULA ( join together ).
The triple horned goats’ head stares forwards as the wings stretch out behind.
This amalgamation of horror and delight is a perfec addition to any macabre fanatics collection.
Cast in fine resin and painstakingly painted by hand.

Size : 11 cm

Weight : 0.17 Kg




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