Jade represents serenity,wealth, friendship,wisdom, good luck and purity.
It is said to bring an increase in nurturing, joy, optimism and love in ones life. It is a stone of protection and is worn to keep the wearer safe from harm.
It is said to bring good fortune in the shape of prosperity, love wealth as well as happiness and friendship, it’s an all round winner really, what’s not to love!
Jade is seen as a “Dream” stone and said to bring intuitive dreams when placed under the pillow or on the forehead.
It helps to release negative thoughts and and brings calm to the mind.
Used in Physical Healing, Jade is thought to work on the hips and the spleen, kidneys and supra-adrenal-glands removing toxins from the system. It is also used in assisting fertility and childbirth.

Please note : Due to the nature of tumblestones, appearances may vary from the images displayed, as each piece is individually unique.
A quality tumblestone will be will be chosen intuitively for you.


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